Are Finances Causing Tension in Your Relationship?

Love and Marriage is a beautiful thing until money gets in the way…

If “love conquers all” were true… 31% of couples wouldn’t be clashing over finances at least once a month!

According to the law firm Merchant Law Group LLP, an average of 25% of couples report that money problems played a role in their divorce. That’s 1 in 4!

A solid, thriving relationship takes more than just love.  It also requires financial compatibility and trust.

But how do you get there?  What can you do to:

Understand and respect each other’s behaviors, values, and habits as they relate to money?

Work out your different approaches to saving, spending, and managing your money?

Create real trust, honesty, and openness?

The good news is that it’s never too late to get on the same page financially!

You’ve got to ask the important money questions–in every relationship!

Real Talk for Real Relationships
14 Key Questions to Determine Your Financial Compatibility

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