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Financial Empowerment is not just about balancing the checkbook or investing wisely; it’s about gaining financial knowledge as a tool for independence, security, and social change.

Join us in the FREE Lounge of our Financial Empowerment Hub. This is not a Facebook group, but a safe and private space where we come together to:

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The Financial Empowerment Hub - Free Lounge - Women Working

Group Guidelines

1) Respect & Kindness: Treat each member with respect and kindness. This is a supportive community, and we encourage positive interactions.

2) Share Personal Experiences: Feel free to share your OWN financial experiences ONLY, such as the strategies you’ve used, the decisions you’ve made, and the outcomes you’ve seen.

3) DO NOT GIVE financial advice, as each person’s financial situation is unique, and what worked for you may not work for someone else.