Frequently Asked Questions

I educate and counsel my clients on how to take back control of their finances.

Educate: I do this by applying my model: 7 pillars of money management. Here we tackle things like debt and budgeting and so much more. The practical numbers aspect.

Counsel: Financial literacy is not JUST about the numbers. It is also understanding your beliefs around money and for a lot of us, those beliefs are seeded in some kind of money trauma. That trauma can be individual or generational and even systemic. When you work with me, we address this.  My approach is trauma informed but please know that I am not trauma trained. I am not a therapist or social worker. 

I don’t sell investment products. You pay for my knowledge and expertise up front and there are no hidden costs. My goal is to give you unbiased and impartial financial counselling advice.

I’m not a financial planner or advisor and that is by choice.

Yes. There are about 7-8 ways that you can pay off your debts. I will counsel you on which way is the best for you, based on your unique situation, your goals, dreams and values.

 Warning: Side effects may include restful night’s sleep, money in the bank, and winter breaks in tropical countries.

Not necessarily. Most times I am able to find money in my clients’ budget for them to enjoy the things that they truly love. My approach encourages my clients to be more intentional with their money. We work on aligning your money to your dreams, goals and values.

We will also explore why you behave around money the way you do. 

No. In fact, most clients prefer virtual meetings since it’s easier to fit into their schedule.

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