Three Little Piggy Banks

A children’s storybook (ages 4-8)
to promote financial literacy

About the story

Three Little Piggy Banks is a storybook for children ages 4 to 8 that teaches the basics of personal finance.

It demonstrates an easy way to manage one’s saving, sharing, and spending using three separate piggy banks. The twins, Ella and Andy, are turning five years old and they both have their heart set on expensive gifts. Andy wants a bike and Ella wants a camera, but instead they receive three piggy banks called Saving, Sharing, and Spending.

The twins each receive a weekly allowance of $3 – a dollar for each piggybank. When the twins save $5 each, their parents will help them buy the gifts they wanted.

Young readers will learn about saving and delayed gratification, the importance of sharing, setting goals for saving, and living within one’s means. The book includes a tracking sheet that can be photocopied.

cartoon drawing of two children

A note to

Parents and Teachers

Every day, I see how financial illiteracy causes homelessness, addictions, broken dreams, sickness, broken marriages and broken children. I see firsthand how this epidemic is passed on from generation to generation, perpetuating the cycle of excessive debt and living pay cheque to pay cheque.

My objective for this book is that it will give children an opportunity to finally break that cycle and allow them to be free from the burden of financial worries and enjoy the freedom of financial sustainability.

There is hardly a greater sadness for me than seeing bright, beautiful, and most times, successful people who have given up on their dreams because they cannot afford to dream—all because of debt and lack of money management skills. My hope for this book is to empower people to take control of their finances and their life and to start living at their true potential.

It is never too soon to start learning about money and how to manage money. Let’s educate the children who will grow up to become responsible and successful adults who, in the absence of financial worries will have the capacity and opportunity to focus on their dreams and live their life at their full and true potential.

Let’s learn from Ella and Andy about:

For this workbook, you will need:

To give your child 3 dollars every week. It could be less or more but whatever amount you use should be consistent and be able to be divided equally into three parts (saving, sharing and spending).

3 piggybanks or 3 containers with lids.

You will also need stars or coloured pencils to draw stars. You can use the worksheet at the back of the book and start tracking the child’s money.

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