Spousal Financial Abuse, a story

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Why do I work mostly with women? Part 2 I am continuing my series of why I work mostly with women. Click here to read part one of this series. This month, I want to talk about spousal financial abuse, and I will start with a disclaimer that yes, I know financial abuse is not […]

Bad with money? Let’s talk about your mother

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Why do I only work with women? With the exception of a few men who work with me as part of a heterosexual couple, yes, it’s true, I only work with women, (and anyone identifying as female or non-binary.) I work with only women because money is different for us. We experience money differently based […]

Monkey See. Monkey Do. Are you passing money trauma on to your kids?

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Kids watch their parents closely. What they see, hear (and unintentionally overhear) about money during their childhood can influence them for the rest of their lives.  You create the initial structure on which your children’s money mindset is built. Your beliefs about money will have a powerful impact on their relationship with money, whether you […]

How do “Buy Now, Pay Later” Plans work?

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Lately I have gotten several questions about what I call “buy now, pay later plans”. You see them at the checkout when you buy something online. Depending on the store, you might see Pay Bright, After Pay or Sezzle. To be honest, I’ve been skeptical of these options since they appeared to be yet another […]

How to Navigate Disability Income and Benefits

Over the past year, I received a lot of questions about disability income and how to best make use of the programs that currently exists. So, I reached out to my friend Tim Comerford, who is a Registered Rehabilitation Professional and has a passion for helping people with disabilities navigate the financial waters. Below is […]

Having separate bank accounts is not a bad thing

Do you have negative connotations associated with the idea of keeping separate accounts to manage your money in a relationship? Society promotes a lot of misconceptions regarding how you should manage your finances when in a relationship. Unfortunately, that means many people feel pressured to conform to certain “rules” that promise to lead to a […]

22 money things to talk about with your partner

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If you’re in a serious relationship and avoiding money conversations because you’re afraid of starting an argument, please know that you’re not alone. In fact, this is quite common – but that doesn’t make it okay! Money and your money compatibility (or lack thereof) can play a huge role in your relationship. If you’re not […]

How to set a budget that aligns with your values

Often, when people hear the word budget, they associate it with restriction. I know because I hear this from my clients all the time! The word “budget” has a bad reputation so, I understand the inclination to shy away from it. But the reality is that budgeting doesn’t need to feel restrictive at all! In […]

Money Madness: Financial Mistakes You Might Be Making And What To Do Instead

What has been your biggest money mistake? If you’re anything like me, you have a few you can pull from, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of! However, I also hope that for each mistake you’ve made, you’ve been able to use it as an opportunity to learn, and make new, smarter decisions. My intention […]

5 things you can do to start building your emergency fund

We should all have an emergency fund. The amount for this fund varies, depending on who you ask. I believe, if you are self-employed, you should aim for six month’s worth of expenses. If you are permanently employed, I suggest the equivalent of three month’s income. Below are five tips you can use to start […]