Love and Money

Love and Marriage is a beautiful thing until money gets in the way. There is a saying that “love conquers all.” There’s another saying “love is all you need” From where I sit, this is not always true. Having a relationship that thrives and grows in a way that is fulfilling to the parties involved […]

The Joy of a New Year Plan – 2023

I love the energy of new beginnings which is why I love a solid new year plan! I love early mornings, I love Sundays, I love the first of the month and I love the new moon. So of course, you know I love all this new year energy that we’re currently in – it […]

November = Financial Literacy Month | Events

woman reading a book

It’s the best month of the year! No more hiding from your finances or pushing your money issues aside. November is Financial Literacy month and to support you we’ve put together a group of speakers who will help educate you on how to improve your personal financial management and, in general, make better financial decisions. […]

Do you have a F*%! Off Fund?

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We may not all have a F*%! Off Fund, but we all have a unique money story.   Here is my client’s money story, written by her, in her own words. ??? ? ????? ? ???? ???? ????? ?? ????????? ???????. There’s an ugly truth about money that I’ve learned several times in my adult […]