Love and Money

Love and Marriage is a beautiful thing until money gets in the way. There is a saying that “love conquers all.” There’s another saying “love is all you need” From where I sit, this is not always true. Having a relationship that thrives and grows in a way that is fulfilling to the parties involved […]

The Joy of a New Year Plan – 2023

I love the energy of new beginnings which is why I love a solid new year plan! I love early mornings, I love Sundays, I love the first of the month and I love the new moon. So of course, you know I love all this new year energy that we’re currently in – it […]

How Money Stress Affects Your Mental Health

Woman with hands on face, stressed about money

Do you avoid looking at credit card statements, bills, and account balances? Is money stress causing you to overeat, oversleep, or overthink? Sounds like it’s time to have a conversation about money + mental health. People with financial stress are 2x as likely to report poor overall health. They can’t sleep, are distracted, and often […]

November = Financial Literacy Month | Events

woman reading a book

It’s the best month of the year! No more hiding from your finances or pushing your money issues aside. November is Financial Literacy month and to support you we’ve put together a group of speakers who will help educate you on how to improve your personal financial management and, in general, make better financial decisions. […]

4 ways that I’m getting ready for the recession

Sunset on a beach

How are you feeling about the current economic situation? According to the economist who predicted the 2008 crash (He is now called Dr. Doom): we should expect a “long and ugly” recession in the US and globally occurring at the end of 2022 that could last all of 2023. As a Financial Literacy Counsellor, here are the 4 […]

6 Practical Tips to help you manage your personal finances

Large trees in a park

How are your personal finances coping with this current economic downturn? Budgeting our monthly expenses to ensure our money lasts until the end of the month seems to be top of mind for a lot of Canadians. Could we be headed for a recession? There are some tell-tale signs that a recession could be on […]

Spousal Financial Abuse, a story

Upset woman with a man in the background

Why do I work mostly with women? Part 2 I am continuing my series of why I work mostly with women. Click here to read part one of this series. This month, I want to talk about spousal financial abuse, and I will start with a disclaimer that yes, I know financial abuse is not […]

Bad with money? Let’s talk about your mother

two smiling women and a young child

Why do I only work with women? With the exception of a few men who work with me as part of a heterosexual couple, yes, it’s true, I only work with women, (and anyone identifying as female or non-binary.) I work with only women because money is different for us. We experience money differently based […]

Monkey See. Monkey Do. Are you passing money trauma on to your kids?

Mother and daughter on a beach

Kids watch their parents closely. What they see, hear (and unintentionally overhear) about money during their childhood can influence them for the rest of their lives.  You create the initial structure on which your children’s money mindset is built. Your beliefs about money will have a powerful impact on their relationship with money, whether you […]

How do “Buy Now, Pay Later” Plans work?

Women purchasing online

Lately I have gotten several questions about what I call “buy now, pay later plans”. You see them at the checkout when you buy something online. Depending on the store, you might see Pay Bright, After Pay or Sezzle. To be honest, I’ve been skeptical of these options since they appeared to be yet another […]