The Deep Dive

For single professionals, couples, and solopreneurs

Get the support you need to take back control of your finances so you can start living the life you really want to live.

Gain a thorough understanding of your unique financial situation through my 7 Pillars of Money Management Framework.

I designed this program specifically for women who are ready to change their relationship with money so they can live the life they REALLY want to live. This is what we will cover:

With a shift in mindset and management, the barriers to meeting your goals can be cleared away.

Learn how your money can support you in living the life you want.
Learn how to take control of your finances.
Learn how to love your money.


Starting at $3,999

Payment options available

*All prices are in Canadian dollars and are before taxes. 


Sand Dollar

This 6 month program is tailored for you and your unique situation. You will be counselled on the best practises for YOU and YOUR money. Together, we will create systems and come up with a plan for your money. We will not only work on your numbers, but we will address the specific issues that affect your relationship with money.

With The Deep Dive, you will:

Move from a poverty/limiting belief mindset to one of growth and abundance.

Create a Balanced Budget that is aligned with your values and goals.

Receive a Debt Repayment Plan that gets you debt free without damaging your credit.

Learn how to apply post-traumatic growth principles to your money trauma.

Create a savings plan that will work for you now as well as in the future.

Create a system for organizing your money that is personalized for how you function and work.

Get the assurance that you can be financially free – free of debt, free of worry, free of stress. All because you invested in YOU.

Join my other clients on a path to being debt-free

“Pamela has changed my life in the BEST way.

I have paid off my consumer proposal and student loans. It took a long time and I don’t think I ever would have started without Pam’s example and encouragement.

She believed I could do it but there was so much going on and I couldn’t see how my money attitude was related to how I felt about my life and my choices.

When you’re struggling it is hard to imagine what it might be like to not struggle.

Thanks to Pam I get to experience what it’s like to have options, financial and otherwise. This is all very new and I still have a great deal of work to do but I am so far from where we began and I am grateful. ” ~Mel

“We got caught up on our CRA filings and soon will be able to set up a payment plan.

We got clarity on what we earn and rearranged our work schedules, to have better earnings.

I proved to myself that we could easily earn an extra $3000/month. This is helping my avoidant husband get more involved with money and that makes me feel less overwhelmed.

I’m making better spending choices and thinking twice about purchases. The list could go on and on.

The most important part is that the deep dark depression I’ve been stuck in for the past 18 months, I can feel it lifting. It has been a beast and I’ve tried relentlessly yet not been able to shake. Thank you Pamela” ~Sandi